People of Hope - New Jersey

A Sad Announcement:

The People of Hope was recently approved as private association of the faithful
in the Archdiocese of Newark. Unfortunately, the Church failed to address or
even consider the concerns and proof of physical, psychological & emotion abuse
on fellow Catholics who were a part of this group before they broke away from
the abusive practices of the Shepherding & Discipleship Movement in this group.

The Archbishop of Newark is being considered as a candidate to replace
retiring Cardinal Egan of New York.  Read the article
on Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests for more information.

This "new day" for the People of Hope is a constant reminder
of others being abandoned by the Church.

The People of Hope, founded in 1977, had falsely identified itself as a
"Catholic Charismatic Covenant Community" for many years. 

An aerial view of the Mary Street cult compound

An aerial view of Koinonia Academy
(the allegedly "Catholic school" run by the cult)

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We hope that you will find the information provided helpful. This site is a free site. The site is maintained by the donation of time and resources of former members of the People of Hope.

  • Concerns include but are not limited to: allegations of abuse, mind control, elitist behavior and cult like controls.

  • It is important to note that many members of these communities are good and faithful people who are trying to do the right thing but are living in a deceptive environment.

  • These groups are considered  totalitarian and high demand organizations with rules and regulations that enslave many people and take away their own independent thinking and thought processes.

  • Members lose their free will and become directed not by God's Holy Spirit but through intermediary leaders who now decide what God's Holy Spirit is saying to the member.

If you have any information or pictures about the covenant communities,
particularly the Word of God and the Sword of the Spirit, please email the material.

We have added a new page. Please visit What's New for our latest updates.

You may also be interested to learn how  The Warren Land (Mary Street) was purchased or what Bishop Paul Cordes really said to the community leadership about the relationship of the community to the local Church (Please be patient, the documents do take a little time to load).


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