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Whats New

A Sad Announcement:

The People of Hope was recently approved as private association of the faithful
in the Archdiocese of Newark. Unfortunately, the Church failed to address or
even consider the concerns and proof of physical, psychological & emotion abuse
on fellow Catholics who were a part of this group before they broke away from
the abusive practices of the Shepherding & Discipleship Movement in this group.

The Archbishop of Newark is being considered as a candidate to replace
retiring Cardinal Egan of New York.  Read the article
on Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests for more information.

This "new day" for the People of Hope is a constant reminder
of others being abandoned by the Church.

We've included our e-mail address at the bottom of every page. You can reach us at

The People of Hope and related groups are making their presence appear with various web sites. Recently, the following sites were found. If you visit these sites, please remember to come back to this People of Hope Informational Home page.

The Official
People of Hope
Web Site
This web site addressed has been established. The site is indicated as being "under construction."
Koinonia Academy
Plainfield, NJ
This site is more developed than the Hope web site. The school is not affiliated with any Christian denomination but implies being Catholic. It looks Catholic but viewer beware!
of Hope
The Brotherhood is gaining a more established foothold. This "religious community" is primarily active in Massachusetts and Florida. The group was founded by a priest/coordinator and other men living single for the Lord in Hope. The brotherhood is not an official part of the Hope community. However, take notice that it's founder and founding principles are entrenched in the warped teachings of the Hope cult.
Sisters of Jesus
Our Hope
Again, another offshoot of the Hope cult. This organization was founded by a religious sister in leadership over Hope women. Like the brotherhood, its founder and founding principles are entrenched in Hope teachings. Interesting to note, many of these sisters wore secular clothes. However, it became fashionable to dress in more traditional religious attire with a habit and veil.
Cancer Awareness.Org Given the name, a visitor may think this is a Federally qualified tax exempt charitable organization [501(c)3].  This innovative site, run by the child of a main leader, is really an affiliate marketing site. You are asked to follow links and if you make a purchase, a portion will be given to "" The proceeds are then "donated" to a reputable cancer organization. The main problem, as inherent in the People of Hope's financial dealings, there is no accounting of money collected and disbursed. Do your money a favor and donate it directly to The American Cancer Society!


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