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A Sad Announcement:

The People of Hope was recently approved as private association of the faithful
in the Archdiocese of Newark. Unfortunately, the Church failed to address or
even consider the concerns and proof of physical, psychological & emotion abuse
on fellow Catholics who were a part of this group before they broke away from
the abusive practices of the Shepherding & Discipleship Movement in this group.

The Archbishop of Newark is being considered as a candidate to replace
retiring Cardinal Egan of New York.  Read the article
on Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests for more information.

This "new day" for the People of Hope is a constant reminder
of others being abandoned by the Church.

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The following information was obtained from HOPE documents:


Criteria for Public Commitment


In considering whether a particular person is in a position to accept the covenant, we need to ask "Is this person capable of responsibly making a the commitment to God and the community that is involved in the acceptance of the covenant?" To answer this we are concerned with the Person’s willingness to make the commitment as expressed by his or her objective behavior during the underway period.

These criteria are intended to provide clear goals for community members, that these would be progressively embraced fully during the underway stage. and lived out by those members who have made a public commitment.

I. Relationship With God

Believes God has called him/her to the People Hope

Christian Basics

  • Baptized.
  • Catholic in good standing with the Church.
  • Orthodox in belief obedient to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Free from serious and repeated unrepented violations of Catholic Doctrine and Morality for at least a year.
  • A genuine experience of the Holy Spirit’s presence. power, and gifts ("Baptism in the Holy Spirit").

Other Commitments:

  • Regular daily prayer (1 hour/day or Mass and 1/2 hour)
  • Regular participation in the Eucharist.weekly
  • Regular weekly Scripture study (1 hour)

II. Relationship With The Community

  • Has taken the required community courses and follows community teaching in his/her life. Eagerly seeks wisdom from pastoral leader in how to do this.
  • Basic Commitments:
  • Participates faithfully in community life.
  • Exhibits a basic readiness to serve.
  • Is good steward of his time and finances.
  • Is generous with his financial and material resources. supports community and outreach financially generously and in a regular committed way.
  • Helps the needy in the community as able.
  • Is faithful to men's or women’s group.
  • Is brotherly or sisterly with others.
  • Is at peace with all in the community.
  • Deals promptly with relationship difficulties and follows the direction of his pastoral leader in this area.
  • Brings major problems promptly to his pastoral leader and eagerly seeks his input.
  • He is able to live with and relate to others with Christian love.

III. Family Relationships

  • Husband wife relationship is in good order according to Scripture and the teaching of the Church and the teaching of the community.
  • Husband takes responsibility for his wife and children.
  • Wife supports husband in his role as head of the family. she follows the husband's direction. She exhibits respect, a quiet and gentle spirit.
  • As mother and father they seek earnestly to raise their children as sons and daughters of God.
  • They maintain obedience and good order in the home.
  • They earnestly seek to hand on the faith to their children.
  • They lead their children to observe community teaching as it applies to them.
  • They seek the input and guidance of their pastoral leaders in this area and strive to follow it.


IV. Other Important Considerations


  • He is of good character.

  • Without serious psychological problems that would keep him from being able to live out his commitments in a consistent way.

  • Is aware of character weaknesses and is responsive to pastoral leader's guidance.

  • Husband and Wife should make the public commitment together.

  • Handicapped and Elderly can make the public commitment even if they cannot participate fully as long as they can participate in some real way.

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