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Renewal Resources

A Sad Announcement:

The People of Hope was recently approved as private association of the faithful
in the Archdiocese of Newark. Unfortunately, the Church failed to address or
even consider the concerns and proof of physical, psychological & emotion abuse
on fellow Catholics who were a part of this group before they broke away from
the abusive practices of the Shepherding & Discipleship Movement in this group.

The Archbishop of Newark is being considered as a candidate to replace
retiring Cardinal Egan of New York.  Read the article
on Survivor's Network of those Abused by Priests for more information.

This "new day" for the People of Hope is a constant reminder
of others being abandoned by the Church.

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Renewal Resources is an organization that provides retreats and weekends, primarily to Catholics, to identify possible recruits to the People of Hope. It is no more than a  front organization for recruitment. Individuals staffing these retreats are members of the People of Hope religious cult. The following schedule is taken from Renewal Resources flier. This flier was also accompanied by a letter written from the Director of Renewal Resources. The director of this "ministry" is also a Coordinator of the People of Hope cult. Although the letter is not printed here, it gives the allusion that it a Catholic organization. This is particularly evident in the insinuation that in 1997 Pope John Paul II designated that year was the year of Jesus. The Pope has declared 1998 as the year of the Holy Spirit (so Renewal Resources picks up on that theme).

The letter highlights places where Renewal Resources was at work during 1997. See if maybe you attended one of these functions:

  • A parish mission called the JESUS retreat.
  • Koinonia Academy Chorus sang and "ministered" at parishes, youth groups and nursing homes in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
  • A benefit conference given by HOPE members and "friends" was given at a local Presbyterian church.
  • Christendom College in Virginia hosted a Lenten retreat called "The Power of the Cross."
  • Men's and women's thematic retreats on "Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."
  • Youth Retreats in New Jersey and Connecticut.
  • Marriage in the Holy Spirit weekend in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • "Men's Day" in Westport, Connecticut.
  • "Community Building" in Toronto
  • "One in Christ" outreach to married couples in Holyoke, Massachusetts
  • "Family Folk Festival" in New Jersey
  • "Youthfest" and "Summerfest"
  • Traditional fall retreats, including a women's retreat in Florida called "Rejoice, O Daughter: The Lord is with You."
  • "Strengthening Families for the Year 2000" with Elisabeth Elliot and Bob and Ginny Gallic. Note: Mr. Gallic is one of two "head" coordinators of the cult.

Of course, there's a little note that you could buy the tapes to the last event.

Other retreats identified on the flier include:

  • The Holy Spirit: Lord & Giver of Life
  • Marriage in the Holy Spirit
  • The Power of the Cross
  • Youth Retreats
  • Raising Christian Families
  • One in Christ
  • The Holy Spirit: Lord and Giver of Life
  • Raising Christian Families in Today's World

The letter states that Leonardo Difilippis will be putting together a one man show on the life of St. Francis.


There is an appeal in the letter for money. Donors would be wise to consider exactly where their money will be spent. Remember the Director of Renewal Resources is a Coordinator of the People of Hope. Is, if any, Renewal Resources money being diverted to the People of Hope directly or indirectly? While many of the programs are certainly based on noble themes, what has been the success of HOPE in raising families. We find many children flee the community once they become of legal age. Finally, I found a retreat in Florida to be very interesting. The Brotherhood of HOPE (formerly the community's "brotherhood" for single men) has a settlement in Florida. While New Jersey and Pennsylvania and parts of New York are no longer fertile ground for recruitment, one can see movement into the New England states.



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